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Trademark Services

Sometimes a brand name can be more valuable than the actual product the brand name refers to.  We can all think of product names that have become immensely famous and recognizable over the years.  In the vast majority, these names are protected by trademarks.   A trademark is a word, phrase, name or symbol that is used in commerce to indicate the source of goods (or services in the case of a service mark) and to distinguish the goods or services from other goods and services in commerce.  Trademark rights arise from the use of the mark in commerce.  Additional protection of a trademark may be obtained by federally registering the trademark.  Trademark holders have the right to prevent others from using the same or confusingly similar marks to identify their goods or services in commerce. 


In the internet age, trademarks have been very important in disputes concerning domain names and cyber squatting.   Additionally, trademarks are also a consideration when deciding what to name your new product, service or even when choosing a name for your company.  You want to choose a name that will be trademarkable, as well as, make sure it does not infringe on an already existing mark.


Our services include trademark clearance searches and opinions to determine whether your desired mark is already being used or is too similar to someone else’s mark, procurement of federal trademark registration, and the representation of clients before the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board.



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