Representative Patents Drafted By Our Attorneys

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This is a representative list of some of the patents our attorneys have drafted:

(1) Wafer Polishing Pad Centering Apparatus, 6,435,957

(2) Golf Bag Dual Strap With Integrated Back Pad, D463,126

(3) Golf Bag With An Integrated Back Pad And Dual Shoulder Strap, 6,328,192

(4) Bus Interface Unit For Reflecting State Information For A Transfer Request To A Requesting Device, 6,499,077

(5) Back-mounted Load-carrying Apparatus, 6,536,641

(6) Fluxless Flip Chip Interconnection, 6,495,397

(7) Personal Mobility Vehicle Incorporating Tilting And Swiveling Seat And Method For Use While Playing Golf, 6,578,854 

(8) Universal bracket for mounting coverings for architectural openings, 6,585,208 

(9) Child carrier, 6,575,342

(10) Molded flip chip package, 6,632,704

(11) Covering for architectural openings, D479,934 

(12) Equalizing connector for window covering pull cords, 6,640,870 

(13) Periodic breast self-examination prompting device, 6,685,651

(14) Web server replicated mini-filter, 6,760,745

(15) Flip chip interconnection using no-clean flux, 6,713,318

(16) Fountain water toy utilizing a  battery powered punp, 6,782,567

(17) Bicycle Wheel Holder, 6,817,502

(18) Vehicle wash apparatus with an adjustable boom, 6,863,739

(19) Vehicle wash apparatus with an adjustable boom , 6,807,973

(20) Forward X-ray generation, 6,993,115

(21) Oven with an articulating and retractable door,  7,064,296

(22) Wearable remote control, 7,091,875

(23) Handlebar/stem mounted bicycle wheel holding device, 7,000,811

(24) Bicycle wheel bag, 7,000,812

(25) Seatpost mounted bicycle wheel holding device, 7,000,813



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