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IP Links

The following links provide useful information about intellectual property related matters:


  1. The Patent Statutes (from Cornell Law School)
  2. The United States Patent and Trademark Office. A treasure trove of patent information including General Information Concerning Patents; a Patent Database that permits keyword searches for patent that have issued since 1976, and classification searches for all patent since 1790; A searchable database of the manual of patent classification (MPEP); the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure, the patent attorney's bible; the Roster of Registered Patent Attorneys and Agents (if the person preparing your patent application isn't on this list, run! or perhaps sue them for malpractice); The current Fee Schedule; and a wealth of other information.
  3. Patent-related Court Decisions: The Supreme Court; and The Federal Circuit Court of Appeals.
  4. Intellectual Property Law site. Lots of links and other intellectual property information.
  5. United Inventors Association. Lots of links and information about inventing and patenting
  6.;; Visit these sites to learn about unscrupulous invention promotion companies.  The inventor must be very wary when deciding to patent his invention; there are plenty of companies willing to take your money without providing an equal value of services in return.  Stick with bonafide patent attorneys that are in good standing with the United States Patent Office.
  7. Inventors Digest.  As far as we are aware, the only magazine devoted to inventors and inventions.
  8. Rocky Mountain Inventors Congress.  If you live along the front range of Colorado, you would be well advised to join this organization and attend their round table meetings: the whole process of capitalizing on your invention is discussed from prototyping, manufacturing and licensing to marketing, protecting and licensing. If you live elsewhere do a Google search and see if there isn't a similar organization in your area. 


Patent Databases (For do-it-yourself searching):

  1. Basic searching of United States patent files is provided for free; however, for a fee, European and Japanese patents can be searched.
  2. Search patents and patent applications for Great Britain, all of the European Patent Office and PCT applications. Further search English abstracts for Japanese patents. 
  3. Search the patent database of the Canadian Patent Office.


      Other links will be provided in the future.  The shear number of web sites devoted to inventing and patenting is enormous.  For you searching pleasure, we recommend  We have not found a more accurate and useful search engine. Use my convenient Google search link below:


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